Waikiki Dark Bronzer

with Maracuja Extract – Shea Butter

Product attributes
Self tanner
Tanning accelerator
Dermatologically tested
UV-Relax Certificate
Sweet nuttyScent

£ 9,50

Delivery Time 3-5 Days

The Waikiki Wave Golden Bronzer is a self-tanner which gives you a Caribbean tan without the sun thanks to the Hawaiian care formula. This Tyrosine-enriched self-tanner gives you an even bronzed glow with daily use. High-quality ingredients such as Shea Butter and Aloe Vera provide the skin with additional care. The sweet, nutty fragrance completes this self-tanner, giving you that ultimate Hawaiian feeling.

The Waikiki Wave Dark Bronzer self-tanner contains selected fruit extracts such as Hawaiian Cane Sugar and Maracuja Extract. The Maracuja Extract has a soothing effect on the skin. The Shea Butter, which is obtained from the shea nut, also offers additional support to the skin’s lipid barrier, effectively counteracting drying. This self-tanner also containsVvitamins A, C and E. These intercept free radicals on the skin, thereby effectively protecting it against damaging environmental influences.
The Waikiki Wave Dark Bronzer is suitable for daily application. This self-tanner should be applied to the skin as evenly as possible. Wash your hands after applying the self-tanner. After approximately 4-6 hours, the self-tanning cream will take full effect. The self-tanner does not contain any UV protection and will not protect against sunburn and sun-related skin damage.

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