Superblack Tanning

with Walnut Extract – Shea Butter – Caffeine – Tyrosine

Product attributes
Self tanner
Tanning accelerator
Dermatologically tested
UV-Relax Certificate
Light sweetScent

£ 1,25£ 7,00

Delivery Time 3-5 Days

The Brown Super Black Tan Preparer is a classic tan accelerator. The solar cosmetics of this tanning lotion, which are mixed with a high Tyrosine content, include, among other ingredients, Shea Butter and Walnut Extract. The tan accelerator smells of the sweet scent of a sea breeze with a touch of delicate citrus.

The Shea Butter contained in the tan accelerator has a distinctive care character. Due to the many unsaturated fatty acids the tan accelerator effectively counteracts dehydration of the skin (skin care effect). In addition to the tanning, Walnut Extract was added. The Walnut Extract supplements the care of the tan accelerator by compressing the skin’s surface. This makes the skin look more relaxed. The invigorating effect of Caffeine in the skin cells gives the skin an extra dose of energy. The additional dehydrating effect of the Caffeine makes the skin firmer and more stable. Numerous Vitamins, which also occur in the tanning lotion, accelerate the regenerative capacity of the skin. Vitamin A has a highly effective free-radical catching effect and has a healing effect on connective tissue damage. The amino acid Tyrosine, which is also available in the sun tan lotion, browns the skin quickly brown in the sun or at the solarium. The skin can, thus, be exposed to less UV light when tanning.
How do I become a healthy brown? Apply the tan accelerator evenly to the skin as daily body care. To intensify the natural tanning process, apply the tan accelerator immediately before sunbathing or going to the solarium and allow it to absorb. Do not exceed the skin’s own protection time while tanning. The tanning lotion does not contain sunscreen and doesn’t protect against sun burn and skin damage caused by UV rays.

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