Aloha Kailua Tanning

with Matcha Tea – Chia

Product attributes
Self tanner
Tanning accelerator
Dermatologically tested
UV-Relax Certificate

£ 4,50

Delivery Time 3-5 Days

Aloha Kailua Fruit Tanning Lotion is a tan accelerator, which nourishes the skin with an exotic skin care formula and also intensifies the tanning process and allows the skin to tan quickly. The tan accelerator therefore allows you to achieve an even Hawaiian tan and a vital and well cared for skin.

Aloha Kailua Fruit Tanning Lotion nourishes the skin with intensive active ingredients, such as Coconut and Sugar Cane Extract in combination with rich Shea Butter and intensive Aloe Vera Extract and prepares the skin for the tanning process. The vitalising Extract from Matcha Tea and Chia Seeds has a regenerating effect and provides you with a fresh, even complexion. Tyrosine that is also contained in this tanning lotion intensifies the tanning process of the skin in the sun or at the solarium. This tanning lotion reinforces the production of the dark pigment Melanin so that the skin tans quickly. Thanks to the tanning accelerator it takes less time for the skin to become tanned, meaning that fewer UV rays are absorbed.
Aloha Kailua Fruit Tanning Lotion is suitable for a daily application as a tan accelerator. Apply straight before sunbathing or using a solarium and allow it to be absorbed to enhance the natural tanning process. Do not exceed the skin’s own natural protection time. The tanning accelerator allows the skin to tan quickly but does not contain a sun protection factor or provides protection against sunburn or skin damage caused by UV rays.

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