Très Jolie Bodyspray

with Aloe Vera

Product attributes
Self tanner
Tanning accelerator

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The body spray is the perfect body mist supplement to the luxurious Très Jolie cosmetic line, which offers a mild floral finish, and is the perfect skin refreshment for on-the-go. This body spray adds an additional vitalising effect. The body mist is absorbed quickly and gently cares for the skin. Moreover, this body spray also contains the gental floral scent of the Tannymaxx Très Jolie skin care line.

The water-based body mist not only contains the Très Jolie fragrance but also Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera supports the metabolism of the skin cells, which also accelerates cell renewal. In addition to its soothing effect, Aloe Vera also strengthens the connective tissue. The skin feels tighter due to this sprayable body care. The body spray ensures a pleasant freshness on the skin especially in the summer (refreshment body mist).
How do you use body mist? The body mist is suitable for use on the whole body and can be used daily. Spray the body mist approx. 20 cm away from the desired area. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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